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Who is Sans?

Born in Cremona in 1954, SANS works in Milan, but for years he has been linked to the Valle Sabbia, where he decided to live permanently. A collector of modern art, he loves in particular contemporary and informal neo-realistic works, whose influences are discernible in his work without ever coming to imitation.

He knows no limits in the use of all supports of his works: canvas, canvassed board, wood panels, metal panels; in the use of colours: bodywork paints, inks, varnishes, Indian ink; in the use of objects of different materials: including metal, plastic, paper, etc. Some of his works give soul to material references used in everyday life: coffe, fountain pen, cigarettes, pegs, etc…, other references are completely informal, based on games of matter and colour.

The search for harmonization of supports, materials and colours, so different from each other, has recently led to the creation of works by the author defined as "variables", where the finished work is never static in time but can be changed at will, according to the will and the inspiration of the moment.

The understanding of his works, which in many cases hide messages unrevealed by the author which are left to the interpretation of the observer, is complex and difficult, but Sans' imagination and creativity promise interesting developments and innovations in its research which is in constant and growing evolution.



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